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WineBanq wine cellar management software is the total solution for easy management of your wine cellar. It provides you with all the tools that are necessary to keep your cellar completely up to date and you in charge of what wines to drink and when.

WineBanq also has the ability to support Tasting Notes from a variety of sources. This can be from wine publications, wineries or even individual reviewers. You can use the Tasting Notes to view reviews of wines in your cellar or add those reviews to your wines.

WineBanq is available for a 30 day trial. The trial version is fully functional but you may not install Tasting Notes that require a subscription. Tasting Notes that are free can be downloaded and installed.

WineBanq can import existing Home Winemaster  9.x & 10.x databases as well as Microsoft Excel. It is also compatible with the Winestate Magazine Tasting Notes. The product is also available in white label versions. For example, Home Winemaster v11 is the same product, but has been rebranded and is sold by Winestate Magazine.

This software is designed for and only runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7/8 (32 and 64 bit). 

Important: It is a requirement that the Microsoft.NET 4.0 framework is installed before installing and running WineBanq. If it is not currently on your computer, please install it from Windows Update (accessible via control Panel), or you can directly download and install from Microsoft.

$54.99 USD
new single licence
  • For new customers
  • Licenced for installation on one machine
  • fully functional, no restrictions

$32.99 USD
upgrade licence
  • For existing customers
  • Licenced for installation on one machine
  • To be used when upgrading from an earlier version. Eg v10, v9, v8 etc.

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