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January, 14 2017 - Version

Bugs Fixed

Saving custom reports was not functioning correctly

Bottle ageing by year chart was not working

January, 11 2017 - Version

Bugs Fixed

End User report Designed not loading


December, 30 2017 - Version

Bugs Fixed

Field NeckTagID was causing an error in Exporting from the View Cellar screen and Grouping By in the Chart screen

Auto generated wine name was not working correctly


November, 4 2017 - Version

Bugs Fixed

Main screen no longer reports Unregistered version

Importing from Excel was not working


June, 18 2017 - Version

New Features

Free version

Minor UI refresh

Removal of Winestate Tasting Notes


January 17, 2015 - Version

New Features


Added Wine and Bottle Tasting Note to the list of columns available for the main grids. Note, these will display in plain text only.

Bugs Fixed


Added missing files that prevented the report designer from opening.

January 11, 2015 - Version

New Features


When selected a winery, if there is a value in the Winemaker field, this is defaulted in for a new wine. Note, if a value has already been entered for the winemake, it will not be overwritten.

Bugs Fixed


When editing a wine, on returning to the grid, the cursor moved to the first row. Not the bottle that was selected.

When editing a wine, adding an icon was not functioning.

When editing a wine, the clear button on the icon field was not functioning.

When editing a wine, the reminder icon field was not functioning.

System generated wine name had trailing space.

Winemaker value was not being displayed in the grids.

A number of internally used fields are no longer available to be displayed in the grids.

Breaking Change


The Reminder Icon may not be displayed on custom layouts when upgrading to this version. To redisplay this field:

1/ Edit an existing wine or enter a New Wine.

2/ Goto the Bottle Details tab.

3/ Right click on one of the field titles, for example Cellar Location 1. Select Customize Layout.

4/ Click and drag Select Reminder Icon to your preferred location on the form.

5/ Click and drag View Reminder Icon to your preferred location on the form.

6/ The customization form can be closed and your changes will be saved when you exit.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to do this.

December 15, 2014 - Version

New Features

Missing feature - Quick Remove has been added back to the main ribbon bar.

A "Save and Close" button has been added to the main wine edit screen.

When selecting an Appellation and no Region has been selected, if the Appellation has a Region then this Region is selected for a new wine.

You can now associate a country flag with a Region. This icon will display in Winery, Appellation and Wine Region grids. It will also be the default icon for a new wine (if the selected region has a flag associated).

A new screen allows you to easily and directly edit a bottle location in the selected cellar. Bottles can be also be moved between cellar racks.

New field added for allowing the saving of an internet link for a Winery, Region, Variety and Appellation.

Bugs Fixed

When modifying layout of reference data controls (when displayed from wine edit screen), layout changes were not being saved.

When modifying reference data (when displayed from wine edit screen), pressing close without saving did not prompt to save changes.

Close button was missing when modifying reference data (when displayed from wine edit screen).

Reduced the size of wine selection checkbox in all grids.

When Removing and Rating a wine, the default values setup in User Preferences were not being displayed.

Modification to the layout of Other Resources (Wine Edit screen) was not being saved.

When changing the view on the main cellar screen, the view name would always show the last view used, regardless of what was selected. However, the correct view of the cellar was still shown.

A number of minor fixes to reports.

Using the cellar layout, wines that had been removed were still being displayed.

Changing the currency symbol in the User Preferences was not immediately updating.

Intermittent issue when backing up Cellar database.

When viewing cellar by layout and no wine selected, clicking Edit Wine or Edit Bottle would cause an error.

May 31, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

If you have selected to use a proxy but no server details have been entered, option to use a proxy will default to false.

When importing a version 10 cellar. Under rare circumstances it may be possible to have a duplicate filename generated for the cellar.

Intermittent issue with downloading of tasting notes.

Cancel button added to downloading of Tasting Notes.

Fixed minor issue with using a non default data directory.

Median and Avergae were not being displayed correctly on the View Wine Details panel.

Option panel is now hidden for charts that cannot be customised.

March 23, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

The Bulk Update was failing when attempting to update Wine details. This was due to a change in Third Party components used.

When updating a wine, the cellar layout was no longer accessible after entering a new wine.

Minor edits to User Guide.

March 15, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

States and Countries are showing duplicates when editing regions.

When using Grid Manager, save and cancel buttons are not enabled if you add/removed columns or change column width or position.

When using Grid Manager, changes to sort order when going from Descending to Ascending were not saving.

Fixed Reference data dropdowns where "Best Fit" on columns did not work correctly.

Added a new button to display the "Release Notes" from the website which will list all fixes and changes.

Updated all Cellar Grids to include two new fields. Is Sub Region Of and Is Second Label Of. These fields are also available in the reports.

Changed the downloading of updates to point to the download section on the website, rather than an in-app download.

March 10, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

Improvements to the rendering of the cellar layouts.

Minor fixes around wine links, wine resources and reviews when updating wines.

Changed Location field to Removed reason on Consumption Report.

March 2, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

When selecting to Rate/Remove a wine from the cellar, bottle detail tabs were not showing as closed when form the is opened.

Improved handling when attempting to download the Winestate Tasting Notes and an error occurs.

Minor adjustments to the cellar builder and layout.

When entering a new bottle and no value is entered for the current value, the purchase price is used by default.

February 15, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

When entereing a new wine and you choose to add a new winery. From the winery screen if you enter the details a new wine region. On returning to the new wine screen, an incorrect winery is displayed and the wine region was not available.

If the user preference option to filter region/variety data by winery is not selected. When selectecting a winery, the region and/or appellation was not populated with the default value.

When entering a new wine, the wine details tab should be selected by default.

If missing data is preventing a wine from being saved, the wine details tab should be displayed to easily identify the missing data.

When adding multiple bottles. The bottle #1 is being duplicated after saving.

12 & 24 Month Stock History charts have been repurposed to 7 and 30 Stock Level Charts. Stock history can be viewed through other charts.

The Bottle Ageing by Year chart was not sorting correctly.

If you go into cellar builder screen with view by layout the active. The layout is still visible after deletion.

February 9, 2014 - Version

Bugs Fixed

The End User Report designer would not display.

An error may occur for some customers on loading the Supplier screen.

On a migrated v10 database, setting a reminder icon will cause an error on save.

Changing a cellar on the main screen was not loading the new cellar in the View Cellar Screen.

A tool used to protect the source code caused one or more tables to behave unusually. Upgrading to the latest version may cause the program to revert to trial mode. In this instance, simply re-enter your registration key.

Please note that this update will take a backup of your databases and upgrade them.

February 1, 2014 - Version

New Features

New report. Wine cellar listing by location.

Bugs Fixed

When selecting to report on wines removed from cellar, dropdown list stayed disabled.

Selecting "First row contains headers" in Exvel import caused form to lose values.

Openng the supplier screen caused an error.

Minor updates to the User Guide.

January 26, 2014 - Version

Main Screen

* Redesigned front screen that allows you to customise the grids and charts to show relevant or important status of your cellar.

User Defined Fields

* User defined fields have been added for both wines and bottles allowing you to record custom information. These are available on the Update Cellar screen and for viewing in the grids and reports.

Data Screens

* Each data screen supports multiple layouts.
* There is now the option to use a checkbox for the selection of rows.

Cellar Maintenance Screen

* Ability to Create / Delete Cellars.
* Ability to create a clone of a selected cellar.

Wine Categories

* Wine Categories screen now lists the associated varieties when viewing.
* A colour can now be applied to Wine Categories. This can be used to highlight wines by category when viewing.

Adding/Updating Wine

* When adding a new wine, the option to filter Regions, Appellations and Varieties by values already saved for that winery is now optional.
* When entering new wines there is now an option to do search for existing wines in either the current cellar, or against the currently selected tasting notes.
* Third party reviews now also lists reviewers as a selectable option.
* Third party reviews searching for existing reviews is now embedded in the form.
* Calculated values for median wine rating and average wine rating when using 100pt system.
* Ability to copy/move wines between cellars.
* Can now set a default font when adding tasting notes


* Currency symbol now default to current culture.
* Can choose to use either 100pt rating system or star rating system.
* When viewing large amounts of records, the program will automatically switch to an alternate data viewer for improved performance.
* Grid footers can be turned off.
* General performance improvement.

Tasting Notes

* Tasting Notes are now automatically displayed when viewing. Previously one or more editions were required to be selected.

Data Grids

* New form for creating custom data views.


* New form for creating custom charts.
* Improved form for viewing charts.


* New form for creating custom reports.
* Improved form for viewing reports.

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